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The Blueprint of My Blog

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Hi, I’m TheWriter1993 and I am hoping to develop this blog as time passes by; furthermore this will be my first attempt to develop a blog, and I hope to do the best job on it. Main reasons for creating this blog is to 1) practice my English writing skills because I will need to upgrade them at a faster pace than before. 2) Establish my views about various aspect of a life in general, by relating my blog entries to the specific events, topics or matters of modern-world society. 3) Feel good about myself :>) . So if you are the one who likes to observe other people’s ideas or exchange their own ideas with others, then you are more than welcome to read my ‘semi-intelligent’ entries and comment on them ­čÖé

At this stage I would like to contribute to my blog by simply having an outline or a ‘blueprint’ of what I will be expecting of myself to merely have some sense of organization and expectation throughout the process. I will divide my entries into five categories, and from each category I will be expecting different elements to focus on improving; in addition to that I will concentrate onto delivering these categories to specific audience and highlight the audience at the beginning of each entry. This method, in my opinion will greatly increase the amount of challenge involving each entry (which is a good thing) and will also make the overall blog┬ásimpler and straightforward for everyone else(Which also is a good thing). So the five categories that I will be writing about will be:

1. Ethics and Morality –┬áOur academic life and personal life, both involves number of ethical and moral decisions to be made. Importance of this subject can relate to nearly all areas of our modern-day world. Starting from politics and business, ending with common friendship and relationships – all demand use of certain ethical standards; however, what are these standards? Since ethics may be affected by different factors in different cultures I feel that there is a need for our modern society to recognize these factors and prepare us for very worst of Globalization.

2. Influential People –┬áPeople who influence (or have influenced) today’s world are certainly pure illustrations of how to achieve success. Although, success can be seen differently by different types of people fact remains that it takes series of successful steps to achieve being globally influential. George Washington, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, for example somehow all relate to the images of modern-world. In my opinion all their lives invest some quantity of treasure that we must explore, discuss and take examples from. I am very optimistic that if each of us follow their footsteps, we’ll have better sense of rights and wrongs in the pathway of our success.

3. Business and Economics


5. 21st and 22nd

I won’t have any specific time-schedule to follow as to when will I be posting entries however I’d like to follow these categories in order, so my first post will be category of Ethics and Morality and my fifth – 21st and 22nd.


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May 21, 2012 at 10:00 PM

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